Harry Haas’ Northeast Pennsylvania roots run deep.  He was raised in Luzerne County and grew up in the Back Mountain.  

Harry graduated from Dallas High School in 1993, earned an undergraduate degree in History and his master’s degree in Secondary Social Studies and Special Education from George Washington University.  

Harry is a history teacher at Dallas Middle School.  He and his wife, Kristin, live in Kingston with their daughter Kensie, son Harrison and dog Buster.  

Harry has served as a County Councilman in Luzerne County since the inception of Luzerne County’s Home Rule Government in 2011.  During his time on County Council, Harry has worked hard, but his greatest accomplishment has been slicing the county debt by over $145 million.  

Harry is running for Congress because he shares the values of Northeast Pennsylvania taxpayers and he believes he can make a difference.

Harry is a strong supporter of pro-growth policies that encourage job growth and fiscal responsibility.  He is pro-life and strongly supports the 2nd Amendment.